Android news #181: Huawei trolls Apple and OnePlus showed 6T

We present to your attention the 181st edition of our weekly project “Android news”! Today we tell about the trolling from Huawei, strange update Samsung Galaxy Note 9, and more. Below, with the same news you can find in a traditional text format.

A device without a camera from Google

The upcoming Google Home Hub — 7-inch smart display. Such devices — Lenovo Smart Display and JBL Link View — on the market already. Branding Google Home — not a mistake, says Vlad (Vlad) on the resource page with reference to mysmartprice.comconsidering for the new “leak”.

Google Home Hub?

In fact the device that is likely to make his debut on 9 October 2018, will be the smart column with the screen. We should not think about it as an Android tablet with a smart column. Platform for smart display does not provide the ability to install applications. This is just a shell for Google Assistant. Thus, we are talking about Google Home, but with a display.

For the new device will be characterized by full functionality, which is already known by Google Home Home Home Mini and Max. Moreover, it will be treated to the same family and it will manifest in the aesthetic aspects of design. The smart display will offer customers in two colors — Chalk White (white) and Charcoal (dark grey).

Google Home Hub?

Out of connectivity — dual band Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. Novelty will equip also with sensors the ambient lighting and color. Home Hub will weigh 480 grams. Another notable difference of a novelty from the usual users of mobile devices will be the lack of camera.

Reportedly, Google is preparing 3 million units for the initial sales. This indicates the high company’s confidence in the success of its upcoming release of new products. According to rumors, the price Google Home Hub will be 149 USD. For comparison, the 8-inch Smart Display from Lenovo costs 199 USD, and Link View JBL — 249 USD.

As Huawei teasing Apple

The battery capacity of the iPhone XS and XS Max is so low that buyers of the new Apple smartphones regretted even competitors. If you believe the publishing Tech360, in the night from 20 to 21 September, representatives of Huawei came close to some Apple Store to bestow upon all who stood in line for a new iPhone, a portable battery of its own production.

It is obvious that the action was planned in advance and agreed with the senior management of the company, and was not a spontaneous decision of some Manager. Especially for this Huawei has released a limited number of packs of batteries, by placing them in a mocking slogan: “It’s external battery. You will need it. Memory from Huawei”.

As a gift, was elected the Huawei Super Charge battery 10 000 mAh battery with support for fast charging and a USB type-C, implemented in Russia at a price of 4500 rubles.

This is not the first attempt of Huawei trolling Apple. Last week, the Chinese manufacturer has published the invitation to the presentation of the flagship Mate 20, thanking the competitor for the iPhone XS and XS Max. According to Huawei, Apple has provided her with an invaluable service, presenting smartphones that do not differ from the previous generation.

Not the most interesting update of Bixby

In early September, representatives of the German division of Samsung has announced the release of update for Galaxy Note 9. He had to allow owners of the device to deactivate the call button Bixby. The update came early, but in a strange way. To turn off the assistant completely fail.

Instead of being able to disable Bixby, Samsung engineers have focused on the elimination of accidental clicks. Users can now activate the startup assistant of double click. In this case, the smartphone will not respond to single clicking and saving you from unnecessary inconvenience.

Solution Samsung looks strange, because the users of Galaxy S9+ can disable a button completely. Note 9 continues to be activated Bixby, reports GSMArena.

Disable activation Bixby one touch work in settings voice assistant. To do this, include the appropriate application and press the icon with the three dots.

OnePlus 6T became a little less mysterious

The company OnePlus on your YouTube channel has published videotizer, which partially demonstrated the upcoming OnePlus 6T. Short movie, despite a certain abstractness, still contains some important details about the future novelty.

First, the video confirms the name of the smartphone. In the next generation of flagship devices, the manufacturer intends to keep the old naming, dubbed the new OnePlus 6T.

Secondly, sorry geeks and lovers of all unusual, the device will not receive triple the camera, content with only a double. However, perhaps the presence of a third module would take photos and video on the OnePlus 6T to a qualitatively new level.

Thirdly, it is evident that in 6T OnePlus, the manufacturer intends to refuse the placing of a fingerprint scanner on the rear panel, embedding it into the display. On this hint, the main character of the video, talking about a brand new method of identification, which will be available to owners of the OnePlus 6T.

To transfer a fingerprint sensor under the display also displays an image of the rear panel of the future smartphone, which disappeared a biometric sensor. And because the technology of three-dimensional scanning of persons remains the privilege of only a few smartphones from the premium segment, rely on her appearance in the OnePlus 6T we would not.

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