Android news #186: 7 and OnePlus danger in Google Play

Presenting your attention the 186th edition of our weekly project “Android news”! Today we will talk about the OnePlus 7 and the dangers of Google Play. Below, with the same news you can find in a traditional text format.

Samsung Electronics artificially lower the speed of their smartphones

Samsung Electronics artificially lower the performance of their smartphones with the release of software updates. To such conclusion experts of the Antimonopoly Committee of Italy, having examined the complaints of the users and comparing them with the grateful testimony of representatives of the company. The actions of the South Korean vendor has caused consumers to frequently change their phones for new ones because they started to lose performance after only a few months after release.

According to information received by representatives of the Antimonopoly Agency, Samsung intentionally made the imbalance in the software of its smartphones. Employees of the company responsible for the underestimation of productivity and disruption of certain functions, realized that committing a wrongful act, punishable by the legislation of the European States. Despite this, they continued to break the law for a long time.

It is noteworthy that the representatives of the agencies charged with Samsung Electronics to blame not the fact of failures of aging devices, and failure to report relevant information to the consumer. In other words, warn the manufacturer of the owners of the proprietary technology of the possible problems that can arise as a result of installing the latest updates, he would have all the chances to avoid fines for a total amount of five million euros.

Huawei on horseback

In the third quarter of 2018 Huawei took in 28.3% of the Russian market of smartphones in natural terms, becoming a leader in the number of sold devices, reports “RBC” with reference to the report of MTS. Chinese vendor demonstrated a huge increase in sales during the year increased its share threefold.

The reason why Huawei has managed to become the undisputed leader of the domestic smartphone market is a wide model range and available technologies, state representatives retail. Chinese vendor sells in Russia, several dozen smartphones (under the brands Huawei and Honor) that cover all market segments — from budget to premium, and offer a competitive combination of price and functionality.

Huawei in high demand among Russians, and also because this manufacturer has accustomed them to pay attention to functionality and price, not brand, explain the interlocutors of RBC. Huawei is probably the only company who managed to break into the Russian market and just a few years to bypass not only the manufacturers of the second echelon, but also such giants of the industry like Samsung and Apple, who remain in third and second place in sales units, respectively.

The new policy Google

All smartphones running Android, released after January 31, 2018, shall receive security updates for at least two years from the date of release. The requirement is, Google sued the producers to include it in the licensing agreement Android. So the search giant expects to increase the stability of devices operating on a proprietary operating system to malicious attacks and exploits.

According to The Verge, a requirement of Google to the timing of updates to Android devices are described rather abstractly. It requires manufacturers to produce at least four security updates in the first year, not regulating the total number and the frequency of its output for the second year. Following the letter of the license agreement, the vendors have the full right to release a total of not more than five updates: four in the first year and one second.

On the other hand, even that amount of updates will have a serious obstacle to hackers attempting to exploit in the security system Android, detected in the last 90 days. In the case of non-performance or improper performance requirements (for example, correcting only some gaps), Google reserves the right to refuse the manufacturer in the licensing of a proprietary OS for its future devices until elimination of irregularities.

OnePlus 7

OnePlus did not have time to make a presentation OnePlus 6T, as representatives of Chinese companies have already begun to hint at the release of the flagship smartphone of 2019. As stated by the co-founder OnePlus Carl Pei during official events Qualcomm, dedicated to the release of the 5G modems, vendor is completing the development of the OnePlus 7. Future innovation, according to a top Manager, will be introduced early next year and will be one of the first smartphones on the market with the full support of networks of the fifth generation.

OnePlus is in close contact with Qualcomm, constantly testing the newest technological solutions, said Carl Pei. Back in August, OnePlus has completed testing of the prototype OnePlus 7 5G modem and left 100% satisfied we provide them with the performance of the Network.

Support networks of the fifth generation smartphone OnePlus will become a landmark event not only for the producer but for the whole industry. Will be very interesting to see how the OnePlus engineers will solve the problems that accompany the introduction of technology, and how seriously it will affect the cost of the final product.

9 out of 10 applications for devices running Android collect information about their users

9 out of 10 applications for devices running Android collect information about their users and transmit it to Google or affiliated companies. To such conclusion researchers in the field of information security, University of Oxford. They studied the range of Google Play, and found that the relayed user data are those programs that do not directly declare it. Subsequently, this information is sold on the side for a lot of money.

According to the authors of the study, applications collect information using special trackers. They allow to accumulate the widest range of data, which includes information about the device, its unique ID, the frequency of setting the charge, moving of the owner, his age, sex, history web browser, installed applications and so on. On the basis of the information generated personalized profile that are passed to Google, and she sells them to their destination.

Usually, user profiles are in high demand by advertisers who use them in the formation of an advertising issue, and the banking organizations that form on the basis of their credit scoring of their customers. The more information the profile contains, the more valuable it is for advertisers or a Bank, which had the potential to result in maximum conversion.

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