Android news: Google Pixel 4, Galaxy Note 10 and the danger Android Q

We present to your attention a selection of the most interesting news last week from the world of Android. Today let’s talk about the reality of the existence Hongmeng, danger Android Q Gooale Pixel 4, and more.

Android Q will give access to your location

In addition to a small failure in the release, Android Q Beta 5 was pretty stable build, looking at that, eliminated any doubts that the final beta, which will appear in the next few weeks, maybe something is wrong. However, some time later, once the users have tested the Beta 5 in fact, they are concerned that they began to notice that applications are granted unlimited access to location information.

As noted in the official change log for Android Q Beta 5, Google explains that with the latest update Android Q apps get permanent permission to access location, but therefore it works only for those who have upgraded from Beta 4. That is a deliberate test Google before the final release of Android Q.

New functionality allows any application that had any permission to access the geolocation (even on a limited or one-time) full access to it. For obvious reasons, this system behavior has troubled users of certain applications, and especially the fact that it was done in the background without any notification of changes.

Applications with permission to access location included in the Android Pie, get “permanent” access to your location when upgrading to Q. to check the behavior when updating applications that had some kind of permission to access location in Beta 4 or below, will also be given a “permanent” solution if you upgrade your device to Beta 5. Users can receive special notification if any app gets access to their location in the background.

Fortunately, Android Q also supports a new feature that periodically sends notifications to remind users that the app has access to your location. This notification has been introduced in Beta 3. Because of the changes in Beta 5 this notification is displayed more often, as noted by some users on Twitter and Reddit.

Google advises users of Android Q manually configure the permissions for applications. One hopes that in the final version this will not happen, but if it does, the configuration is available in Settings > Location > the app Permission.

Huawei has confirmed the existence of Hongmeng OS

Operating system Hongmeng, which Huawei is rumored to be planning to replace Android, it was absolutely not what thought about her fans. This was during a press conference? held this week, said the Chairman of the Board of Huawei Hua Liang. He confirmed the existence of the new operating system of the company and its name Hongmeng, but said that Huawei was not originally planned to make it available on smartphones and doesn’t know will do in the future.

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Despite the rumors that Huawei is developing a universal operating system that could run on both smartphones and desktop computers, this is not so, said a top Manager. Hongmeng was intended to ensure operation of the devices of the Internet of things, and the statement of the General Director of Huawei that new OS, the company is superior in performance even Android, it was misunderstood by journalists. It meant that the company simply there are developments that would achieve this speed.

According to Liang, Huawei really considered the possibility of reorienting Hongmeng to work on mobile devices, when the US banned the company to use Android. However, to start Hongmeng on smartphones, developers Huawei had to do a really great job, and virtually from scratch to create their own ecosystem. “We haven’t decided whether we will add to Hongmeng support of smartphones,” — said a top Manager.

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It appears that Huawei may never release Hongmeng, and continue to use Android for all its smartphones and more. Such a move is certainly disappointing, it may be the most advantageous, because then she won’t have to spend money on filling the application directory, or do you deploy a new OS for old smartphones that can turn a lot of devices in “bricks”.

Face recognition in Google Photos for Android has earned in Russia

The scope of face recognition technology has proved far greater than originally anticipated. She found a place in our smartphones, where it is used for unlocking, in law enforcement, who use it to search for criminals walking around free, and in a variety of applications and services to create and store photos, learn to group and catalog images depending on the presence in them of certain people. Now such a possibility appeared in the “Google Photos”.

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Users from Russia have started to update the Google Photos enabled facial recognition technology. Innovation allows you to determine people who are in the photos, and combine them in a special group. For the convenience of people that will be marked on the photos in Google Photos, you can match with contacts from the contacts list, and in their absence in the list of them can be given names or nicknames.

As a result, users will be able to use facial recognition technology to search for pictures with certain people and even Pets, and combine them into albums and groups. It is enough to mention the man in any picture, and the system will automatically analyze the rest of the photo library and will group them together. This, according zayavleniem developers, it can take from half an hour to one week depending on the volume that is to be analyzed.

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Despite the fact that Google has already released the updates Google Photos supports face recognition in Russia, it gradually spread, and therefore may be unavailable for some users. In this case, it is recommended to wait from several days to weeks – the update will appear as soon as Google will complete a test scan and make sure that the app no problem.

Google Pixel 4 is one step closer

When the network appeared the first renderings of the long-awaited “Google phone” Google Pixel 4, they were quite dark, low quality and hide most of the detail. However, with time and the increasing number of leaks of the appearance of this controversial, but beloved by the users smartphone, the renderings became more prettier and more natural. The closest to photorealistic rendering depicted on smartphones Google seem to have chosen one designer whose work we view.

Renderings below look so alive that some publications began to pass them off as real photos Google Pixel 4. So far as we know, the back of the smartphone to remind you what we first saw on rendering of the upcoming iPhone XI, and that is the main camera module, made in the form of a square with rounded corners, which will receive three sensor (primary, telephoto, and a sensor for measuring the depth of a scene ToF), flash and microphone.

But more interesting is the fact that we see the front of the smartphone, as Google apparently decided to heed the user reviews of Pixel 3 XL with its huge ugly “bangs” and go back to the classic top frame (as in Pixel 4 and Pixel 4 XL). This decision, by the way, due to the fact that “bangs” would be pretty difficult to put two camera, earpiece and sensor (to control the smartphone with gestures, according to some rumors).

The front panel is not exactly symmetrical — the top frame is the thickest, followed by the so-called “chin”, and finally, the side frames (symmetrical and quite thin). Some users don’t like it and they Express their discontent towards Google and controversial design of its next flagship, the others simply do not pay attention to it.

Also on this render we can see how it will look smartphone color is Clearly White (Pure white). It is also expected that 4 Pixel would have the option of Just Black (Just black) and Mint Green (Mint green). The camera module is always black, but every version of the device is always allocated a unique power button.

This week in the leaked press renders of the Galaxy Note 10 and Galaxy Note 10+, and gave us a full idea of how will look like the upcoming South Korean flagship. Also these smartphones have just been certified by the Federal communications Commission (FCC), overcoming major regulatory hurdle and another step closer to its official announcement.

Before the presentation of the new flagship of Samsung in less than a month. The company confirmed that the special Unpacked event will take place on August 7 in new York. Here’s the new Galaxy Note 10 and will be announced.

The FCC has certified the Galaxy Note 10 and Galaxy Note 10+ with model numbers SM-N975F SM-N976B respectively. This year, as you can guess, Samsung will offer us two different models of its flagship. Galaxy Note 10 is equipped with a 6.3-inch display and Galaxy Note 10+ — large 6.75-inch display.

The two models, as it turns out, will slightly differ. For example, the Galaxy Note 10+ will have a ToF sensor in addition to the main camera modules, and Galaxy Note 10 no. Battery capacity in both the smartphones will also be different and, according to a recent leak photo battery for Galaxy Note 10+, large will get the battery capacity of 4500 mAh, and its smaller version – 3400 mAh.

But the differences smartphone case, of course, not limited to, because of their much less than similar features. Both devices will receive the same design, and it is also expected that both lose the classic 3.5 mm connector for headphones. This rumor is confirmed by leaks about a pair of wired headphone with noise reduction and USB Type-C, which can be supplied with each device.

In addition, Samsung plans to offer 5G-variants of both models in the markets where it already appeared in next generation networks. Galaxy Note 10 5G, as it became known yesterday, will be available with options of internal memory of 256 GB, 512 GB and 1 TB.

Galaxy Note fans will undoubtedly welcome the appearance of this new device to their beloved ruler. Samsung will reveal information about the prices of smartphones and the date of start of sales as early as next month. 7 August is around the corner, it remains only to wait.

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