Android notifications P adapted to the cutout in the display

Google recently introduced Android P DP2 with a number of new and exciting features. For owners of devices with the notch in the display is a nice bonus was the support of the neckline at the system level. However, this is not all the concessions, which went to the guys from Google.

For example, time now is on the left. This is done in order to evenly from the center to distribute the icons in the status bar. In addition, users of Reddit noticed one interesting feature connected with the display of notifications in Android P.

Now to the left of center is just four notification icons. And, as you may have guessed, the reason for this is the location for the cutout in the display. If the number of icons is greater than four, the next to the icon will appear to the right point. If five notifications are displayed, four icons and one point if the six — point two, seven, and more — three points.

It is strange not having the function for smartphones with a cut like this really convenient. It is surprising that this functionality got Pixel 2 smartphone without bangs. Therefore, it is not clear whether traced this feature on all devices or only for devices with cut.

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According to the materials of androidcentral

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