Android oreo 8.1 can tell how fast a wireless network before you connect to it

Try Google to help its users by providing advance information about the speed of the wireless networks open.

At the current time has become the most public places provide an Internet connection through the wireless network open, so that this network allows users to stay connected in case of not wanting to use mobile data.

Nevertheless, some wireless networks don’t provide the connection speeds are acceptable, they suffer a lot from slow in the contact terribly.

It seems that Google is trying to help its users find wireless networks fast through activated now for the speed of the wireless network that has been talked about for the first time in the month of December, so this feature lets users select whether they want to connect to the wireless network or not after you guess the speed at which you may receive.

This feature is available within the Android version oreo 8.1, which was launched by Google earlier in the month of December, it is designed to provide some statistics about how fast the user is expected to get it when it is connected to a wireless network open.

There are 4 classifications of power through the speed advantage of the wireless network.

  • Slow = 0-1 megabits per second, you can make phone calls and send texts.
  • Acceptable = 1-5 Mbps, you can read web pages and the use of social networking sites and listening to music.
  • Fast = 5 – 20 Mbps, you can watch most of the videos.
  • Very fast = 20 Mbps and above, you can watch the videos high quality.

It should be noted that this feature differs from the feature information, network signal strength, which can be accessed through the wireless network icon.


Source: Android oreo 8.1 can tell how fast a wireless network before connecting to it

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