Android Otto and Karl play on Jaguar and Land Rover in 2019

أندوريد أوتو وكار بلاي على سيارات جاغور ولاند روفر في 2019

Like the racing arm of the luxuries just days after the announcement of Toyota on its consent to the introduction of Android Auto to their policies, came the announcement from Jaguar Land Rover plan to add the system to my Apple TV parking the car, over to MacRumors. He assured the spokesperson that all of the system My Car Play and Android Auto will be available on their vehicles during the next year, you’ll be equipped with systems to control Touch Pro or Touch Pro Duo.

Will provide services both optionally as a package on the smartphone, which will start its price from 280$ and will rise depending on the car, and there’s not a moment any information about the history of these provide characteristics and features in the United States, but it seems that all will be in the UK in the beginning.

It was assumed that this step is done earlier, but anyway a good step, which would require at Jaguar and Landrover to provide systems and tools to contemporary entertainment to ensure the wellbeing in their vehicles, and good in this area today has the Google, which owns the driver the freedom to choose any navigation system would like to use after support for Google Maps Carol Bly.

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