Android P has a feature to keep the phone’s screen is always in an active state!

Most users of phones Android screen lock automatically after a period of use while reading or watching a video, the user’s touch is necessary or assists a quick on-screen because if twice minutes without touching will become the screen it’ll go off again.

But the last update of the Android System P came to solve that problem by expanding the function of the fingerprint reader, where you will the new version prevent phone from fire by touching a fingerprint scanner.

أندرويد p

Gonna be easy now touch the fingerprint reader from the back or the built-in front screen, to keep your phone screen in active status.

As for phones that works by reading the facial FaceID, then the phone by reading the user’s face continuously during the operation of the phone through the front camera.

Despite the importance of that feature, but it may lead to the consumption of the battery of the phone. Where help turning off the screen for maintaining the battery and keeping it for longer.

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