Android P should be users apps that spy on them


A new report reveals that Android System P next will be notifications for applications that operate in the background and can access the camera or microphone on the user’s phone, which means that users will be able to know the applications operating in the background which use the camera or microphone on and off with ease.

According to the published site androidpolice American, unpack the Android system works throughout the financial period to combat malicious apps operating in the background which can be used for some elements of the device to spy on users, especially since some may see the powers working in the background, scary, as others may say approval only until they are able to use the app.

With this new feature users can select what they want from the app and want to allow it access to some of the nurses or not, Apple may have implemented something similar on the iOS system 11 where they make things clear when you get the applications to the information related to the location of the user.


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