Android phones subject to lack of performance, and the identity of the iPhone lose contact


The company Blannco specialized in the study of the market for repair of mobile devices to publish its report on the smartphone market, subject to renewal. According to the company, the Samsung phones are subject to often for repairs, but this is hardly a surprise because of the fact that the Korean company is behind the manufacture of most Android phones, and have users currently. Second place goes to Xiaomi which is surprising increased by 14.2%, and this indicates that the phones Mi and Redmi fail more often than expected.

Apple devices are in a separate category, the data show that the two phones iPhone 6 and iPhone 6S are more Apple devices that are not trusted where they’re more of a fail compared to the versions Plus of them. So, if I get the iPhone restored and keep it for a long time, you may want to avoid buying these two phones.

The report of Blancco that is likely to come Android phones from performance issues (34% of cases), followed by watching the camera’s (14%). There are other components you may want to check them out thoroughly before buying a phone used, and between these components mention the microphone performance, battery and speaker.

Containing Apple devices on completely different problems, related mostly to trafficking. Continue phones iPhone often problems in Bluetooth (9%), and Wi-Fi (8%), followed by headphones, data and Internet reception. It wasn’t any of these problems in the list of the five most common problems in phones, Apple over the past year, when it turns out that iPhones that have been diagnosed were most often lose performance at the level of the RAM, the performance level of the processor, and the level of memory storage.


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