Android Q brings the advantage of automatic detection of car accidents in phones Pixel

Revealed to the developers of XDA about a new feature coming in the second beta update Android Q, where it is expected to support this feature users phones Pixel in particular on the automatic detection of the use of cars.

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Did not disclose the search giant on all the details of the features of the next version Android Q during the developer conference I/O last, where he began the developers of XDA to shed light on the more features to be monitored in the second beta of Android Q.

Has revealed a new feature in the updated Android Q differ by the Google versions of phones Pixel, where due to this feature support, users of phones with Auto Detect of car accidents possible through a new application known as the Safety Hub.

And I’ve got users phones Pixel on some of the exclusives in the past, which comes from style of photography night or in low lighting, don’t know B Night Sight which comes in the application of Google camera, coupled with the advantage of storage Gas Limited sound quality of the original show in the Photos application Google.

On the other hand, did not reveal the developers of XDA for the details of the automatic detection of car crash potential and how to process this water, however, the projections indicate that water will be based on collecting data from the sensors different on the phone, with the data from the GPS to determine vehicle location, as could sensor Accelerometer that reveals the abrupt stop of the vehicle that application of the Safety Hub to contact the emergency services.


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