Android Q may be able to know when to be involved in an accident

Android Q

For phones Google Pixel, in the future, in the next time you car goes down in an accident, if God forbid, there is a good chance to be able to phone the Google Pixel Your find out if you are in an accident and is likely to ask for help on his own. This according to what I discovered XDA Developers forum Developers, which found evidence suggesting this feature in the demo version the latest of Android Q.

In fact, I found out the developers in the forum XDA Developers a new application from Google called ” Safety Hub ” with a hint related to car accidents. It also seems that these hints indicate that this feature can be exclusive for the Google Pixel, which means that other smart phones is a subsidiary of Google will not get this feature, so this would help Google to make its smart phones more attractive.

However, it is still not clear how this feature works and how the phone can know if the user has signed in a car accident. Possible that this feature depends on the sensors embedded in the phone like the accelerometer sensor to see if the machine has stopped abruptly, or to rely also on the phone’s microphone to pick up sound, which may seem like an accident.

Although it is not a reference to what will happen when he discovers the phone the occurrence of an accident, we imagine that it could undermine the request for assistance, similar to the method carried out by the Smart Watch Apple Watch, to request assistance when you discover that the user fell and unresponsive.


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