Android Q may prevent background applications from accessing the clipboard

Google Pixel 3 XL

Possible to read Android apps the contents of the clipboard ( Clipboard ) on your smart phone even when running in the background. There is a ROM from the third party to prevent that but Android in case of his default does not prevent it. However, that could change with Android Q who is supposed to be the company Google launched in the second half of this year.

Found out the developers in the XDA Developers permission new in the Android Q leaker under the title “android.permission.READ_CLIPBOARD_IN_BACKGROUND”. It is believed that the applications that have been granted this permission are the only ones that will be able to read clipboard data when running in the background, and not all applications.

The protection level of this permission is ” Signature“, which means that applications that already come with the operating system that will be able to take advantage of this permission. It would be better if Android Q adds additional security layer. Lets Android currently all the apps read the content of the clipboard even when in the background. Given that many users forget their account information such as passwords, email addresses, banking data, etc. of other sensitive information, it is possible that this information is vulnerable to breach by harmful applications.

It is clear that it has not been confirmed officially yet by the company Google. The police didn’t know yet about the system Android Q, that will not happen until May next, and exactly at the conference, Google’s annual developers Google I/O 2019 to be held from 7 to 9 May.


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