Android Q may prevent the company calls more conflict in the locking organs

People try out Google's Pixel 2 phones during a launch event in San Francisco

There have been some reports recently about what we can expect from Android Q, but it will take some time before Google launched the next version of the operating system. Says a new report that Android Q will allow telecom to apply stricter rules when it comes to lock the smart phones.

Discovered the site 9to5Google new code in the source code for the Android system that have been posted on Gerrit to suggest that telecommunications companies may be granted more control for locking devices to run the SIM card specific using Android Q. This will allow these companies to control the SIM cards that you should not work on those devices.

Will be able to telecommunications companies to create listings to buy telecom ” permitted ” and ” excluded “. Thus, this means that devices that have been programmed by the telecom company, certain you going to prevent using the card the SIM on the telecom companies the other even if those devices support the same frequencies of Cellular that is used by that company.

May can Android Q telecommunications companies also prevent the opening of a second SIM on smartphones with the two company’s SIM card from working at all unless you use a SIM card from a phone company approved in the first slot. Thus you will have telecommunications companies more control in networks that the client can use on his device.

Nothing has been confirmed at the moment, may change things at some point along the way, but it is clear that Google believes that it is appropriate to grant telecommunications companies more control in this aspect.


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