Android Q will allow for applications to record audio from other applications


Mobile games have become very popular too, so it is no wonder that focuses more of the content creators to create videos that are centered around mobile gaming. However, there is the question about how one can take pictures successfully from the mobile game? There are apps to record what is happening on the screen of the phone, but most of those apps can’t pick up the sound.

Instead, users will need to use some kind of external recorders, making the entire process more complicated than it should be. However, the good news is that according to a recent report from the XDA Developers forum Developers, it turns out that the system of Android Q latest company Google will come with a new interface for programming the application’s API will allow third-party applications to record audio from other applications.

This means that, in theory, will be able to apply for registration of the screen close to the picture also, and this is something which would lead to improve the sound quality and the user experience in general. We understand that this may raise some privacy concerns, but according to Google, it seems that apps that want to take advantage of the application programming interface of these new you will need to meet certain requirements, which must occur of how to use the application programming interface can help in the Prevention of abuse.

The other problem as explained by XDA forum Developers is that apps will need to update the API to work, which means that there may be some games that don’t support sound capture.


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