Android supports protocol FIDO2 to log in without a password


Got Android operating system on the certificate of accreditation of the protocol authentication FIDO2 to provide the possibility to login more than million users for their accounts without having to enter the password, but other methods such as footprint.

This means that any Android phone running at 7.0 and above became supports protocol FIDO2 directly through the update service Google Play will be receiving soon.

This will enable users to login to their accounts through the newer ways like a fingerprint, or key access to the protocol and that either in web sites or applications that support the protocol FIDO2.

The protocol provides the programming interface is simple and developers can use it to support the feature in their apps and their sites to protect user accounts, especially when cases of hack and passwords.

It is worth mentioning that the Android platform supports a protocol of FIDO, which we see in many of the banking apps, but the protocol is the latest FIDO2 increases the supporting documentation by modern methods to be via web browsers for mobile phones also.

With more and more users adopt smartphones as the only way to access the internet and support of modern methods in the documented accounts such as fingerprint face and a map of the blood vessels, etc., have become conventional ways such as creating a password unique remember, management is not suitable, so we must support new ideas in the documentation of the accounts in a way more effective and easier.

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