Android users can not distinguish fake apps from the real

Malicious apps for Android, cheaters money from the cards of their victims, are even less dangerous than the fake banking application. This conclusion was made by the researcher in the field of cybersecurity antivirus ESET Lucas Stefanko. He conducted his own research and found that users are much more likely to mistake and enter the credentials to access your accounts in fake programs, than fall under the malicious software, the leading independent activities.

According to Stefanko, the researchers in the field of information security in its reports to unfairly write off the fake banking application. Many industry experts have not paid them due attention, believing that because of its limited capacity FOR fake banking is not dangerous for most users who have already learned to distinguish an original from a fake. But it’s not so, says Stefanko.

Fake banking application for Android

The main weapon of fake banking applications, oddly enough, is that they often copy legitimate. As a rule, to forge the login page is not for fraud is particularly difficult, but because the main problem is the method of distribution of such programs. But if the user trust the developer and have downloaded a fake on your device, it is very likely to use it, giving credentials to the attackers.

Since Google was able to develop a highly effective strategy for blocking fake apps that try to access Google Play, most often, is the including banking, distributed through third-party sources and catalogs. Thus it turns out that the only but reliable way to avoid fraud is to use only the official application store from Google, which will almost certainly be able to ensure your safety and the safety of your savings.

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