Android users can purchase apps in Google Play for cash

A few years ago, Google has added to its app store for Android the ability to pay for purchases there not once, but monthly, by adding the amount spent in the Google Play to the amount of the monthly payment for services of mobile operator. This was done with an eye on emerging markets. Now the tech giant has decided to further simplify the lives of users in developing regions and in other parts of the world, primarily by adding the ability to pay for purchases in cash.

Google introduces a new payment option to your shopping of branded mobile store called “pending transactions” (pending transaction), which is engineering Director for Google Play Aurash of Mahbod (Aurash Mahbod) describes as “a new class of deferred forms of payment: cash, Bank transfers and direct debit”.

A new payment method that is already available in Japan and Mexico, allows users to buy paid apps by paying for them in cash at local stores. Google also adds the ability to make purchases inside applications and most likely will make this feature available in other developing countries.

Users will just need to show the seller in the store code of the desired transaction within a certain time. If all goes well, their payments will be processed in just 10 minutes, although it may take up to 48 hours if something goes wrong. Unfortunately, transactions are paid this way cannot be undone – but with this method of payment, users at least have a chance to think about whether to buy on the way to the store.

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