Android was installed on the Nintendo game console Switch

Although support for Android on Nintendo Switch, most likely, never will be formally implemented, this has not prevented various modders to install the “green robot” on the popular portable console, and even to do it as much as everyone would like.

Switch between OS and Android will be easy to switch

Team of developers from XDA Developers let us first look at the Nintendo Switch installed on her Android. While this Android build for a Switch not in the public domain, as the developers still optimize the installation process, but soon it will be available together with instructions on its installation and use.

Mod Android for Nintendo Switch system works exclusively with a microSD card. This is good news for two reasons. The first reason is that Nintendo can’t ban you from using its services if it detects that you have upgraded your Switch by this method, because you do not contact the real components of the console.

Second, and more amazing, the reason being that you don’t need to “hack” your Switch to run on it Android. Instead, as expected, you can simply switch between the standard system and Switch Android OS to use the prefix as the usual Android tablet.

Another cool news item related to the installation of “green robot” on the portable Nintendo, is that supported gamepads Nintendo Joy-Cons. This means that you can use a Joy-Cons for games on Android as well as on emulators, by turning your Switch into a retro console of your dreams.

While Android on Nintendo Switch is not

However, keep in mind that right now all this is at a very early stage of development, and at first, of course, it will not function smoothly. For example, a popular software emulator of RetroArch yet displays Joy-Cons like this should happen in ideal conditions (still buttons are duplicated on the screen), but Fortnite is not working at all. So the developers have a lot of work on optimization of their offspring, but that the work in this direction is very strongly encouraged.

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