Android will officially be able to manually save the backup to Google Drive

Google intends to implement in the Android possibility to save backups to Google Drive manually. The representative of the company announced on the support portal Issue Tracker. According to him, the innovation will be available with the release of one of the next updates of the operating system.

Surprisingly, until now, Google did not allow ordinary users to make their own backups of their devices. The only method to save the data manually was the command adb shell bmgr backupnow — — allrequiring a USB debugging.

How to backup Android

Hardly a possibility to manually backup will dramatically affect the experience of most Android users — it just so happened — not used to pay great attention to the preservation of recorded in the memory of their device information.

However, manual data upload to the cloud would be an extremely useful innovation, which comes in handy when changing the device. As a result, users will be able to transfer information from your old smartphone to your new one, without losing a byte of valuable information.

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