Anghami launches the service of podcasts a “podcast”

أنغامي تدشن خدمة المدونات الصوتية "بودكاست"

Announced Anghami, the leading music distribution on-demand in the Middle East, has launched its blogging service audio “podcast”, which in turn represent a new form to take advantage of voice services to provide content Variety about many topics.

And the tunes they come with 40 blogger podcast different from several categories and more than 250 podcast talking about different areas of life; such as sports, technology, society, lifestyles, music, and other.

The company also announced it is entering partnerships with the magazine Time out, next to the magazine Arabian Business, Harper’s Bazaar, Euro sport Arabia, beauty, and Sportsnet 360, in addition to the channel, Fatafeat, to be these institutions of the early who publish audio content on the podcast service.

Following, Rami Zeidan, from Anghami: “we are in Anghami focus on providing a variety of entertainment content for users of our platform, in the form of an auditory experience rich fall music in her heart. It will provide our approach that focuses on users a selection of audio files that ensure continuity to meet our tastes and personal interests are focused on the users and the creators of the blogs from the Middle East and North Africa”

He also added: “featuring the iconic beauty of my podcast Local being the creative and content suitable for consumers in the MENA region in Arabic and English. Recall that it is still being broadcast some podcasts for years, the likes of M. S. T-de F-R King clutch is excreted free FM and Dubai, with note that many of them gaining more momentum the likes of Finney media and Mets Warner face and many many more. In fact, we strive to put up some blogging music. I have set off our trip in this area during the middle of the Middle East for the audio data which was held last year, and I am confident we will succeed with the expansion of the square audio data in the MENA region wider than the doors”.

Owns Anghami in its application more than 70 million registered users, which means the arrival of the bloggers phonetic with ease this large base of audience. As the app gets more than a million page views per month, 45 million users per year.

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