Animated images (Gifs) up to the stories Instagram

الصور المتحركة (Gifs) تصل الى قصص انستجرام
Animated images (Gifs) up to the stories Instagram

The last update to Instagram to share photos extra bouquet posters new images animated Gifs , when you want to add a new story through the photo sharing application famous.

The new feature is available now in version beta for Android, and it seems it started in the back I have a large number of App users too who don’t use the copy of home, including means to update its own perhaps be the of the side rings Instagram.

If you drag the Application screen to the right to enter into the camera, and pressed the icon labels from the top, you’ll find a new tab of the moving image from GIPHY where you can search for hundreds of Motion Pictures is possible to integrate them with the story of your.

And Instagram has revealed that the stories of Instagram use is now nearly 300 million users daily.

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