Animaze and Emoji – innovation or nonsense?

In the history of animalsi had a few exciting highlights. Some authors even compare “Apple invention” of Mamaji and animaze with the creation of the iPhone. About the invention many post, basically explaining how to get rid of them. Stories about how to get them in the Android slightly, but less. It’s funny, but the result of a survey started by the haters of this “invention”, which proposed to answer the question “does anyone even use them?” were mostly “Yes”answers.

Apple Animoji

And you use these things?

In the year of the 10-year anniversary of the iPhone, Apple tried to convince those who still believed in her and chose her products to everyone else, but at the same time and the whole world that the company still deserves attention and love, introducing iPhone X with Face ID and a screen “edge to edge”, hated by many with neck in the upper part (“bangs”), which, oddly enough, not just liked competitors – “Bang” appeared on their smartphones. That day was shown a lot more interesting, but the demonstration of animaze senior Vice President of Apple’s Craig Federighi has eclipsed everything else.

Everyone who attended the anniversary special event was clear: this is not serious, it is only a funny demonstration of face recognition technology and capabilities of a neural processor, but the fact that it was great and fun agree, perhaps, everything. Craig, if he hadn’t become a software engineer, could become a great comedian, he has a gift. Instead, having received the University diploma in information technology, he accepted an invitation to the NeXT (anybody were not invited there, but details unknown) for the post of programmer. In an incredibly epic moment of mutual absorption NeXT and Apple, he led the development of Enterprise Objects Framework, without departing from writing code.

It’s just funny

But animaze was part of iOS 11, they liked the people (the smartphone is able to imitate facial expressions and realistically simulate the movement of lips – it’s beyond the real world!), someone even thought it is exactly what they lacked in this life. It’s funny, in the end, “smile”, it makes the world a little kinder and nicer. The following year, animaze has a brother and a colleague of Emoji. The Apple came down from heaven and explained: “Emoji is personified of animaze”. Independent expert animaze and Mamaji gave another definition, more precise and clear – Emoji are images of people (animated), which the user can edit (change the color of the skin, hair, clothing, etc.), and animaze is all sorts of animated objects and animals. I would not be surprised if after some time there is mozipedia – the science of studying different forms of animated editable “moji”. Or will it be mozillia?

Presentation of animaze

When hard-won your solutions are copied to the “enemies”, foreign companies where no one gave them a piece of their soul is a terrible thing. It’s a shame. But in any difficult situation, even the last effort and using “can’t”, you need to force yourself to think positively. And if you stole the idea or its implementation method – then it was worth it, and with it you. It’s the most honest form of recognition. In March 2018, Samsung has introduced the AR technology Emoji, during the presentation of Galaxy Galaxy S9 and S9+. In 2019 the number of impersonators has grown, among them were Google (Playmoji). In this funny and frivolous thing goes, there is still something “insanely great”? Why is the vaunted “Apple” lawyers don’t do anything? And the head: what in the Apple is called animaze and Mamaji, invented in a completely different company. Apple used someone else’s idea. Inventive and original, which this old joke sparkle with new colors and shades – but it was not invented by them. “All the same sun is haunting me, but it does not possess novelty” (Shakespeare, sonnet 76).

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History of animaze

It all started with emoticons. In fact, any human language is capable of accurately and clearly Express any emotions, but this art is not available to all, and in chat rooms and in e-mail messages such experiments are still inappropriate. Emoticons here and there :0) – and it was great. From hatched emoticons Emoji. In Japanese “e” – picture and “moji” – a sign or symbol. In Japan, in the late 90s. In Europe, even earlier invented “emoticons”, the same in essence. Names coincided quite by accident, they come from different roots. Unicode, a universal coding system for all (in theory) alphabets in the world, being hosted on their pages and their. Currently, the number of emoticons/Emoji in Unicode has already exceeded a thousand. Even the most common fonts are displayed not all of them, but at least each of them has its unique code. In the new century zero Emoji revived. Short fun animations, in gifs, in 2009 already used in Skype (I first saw them there).

And in 2008, in trump city (sorry, in Austin, Texas) is a canadian company first demonstrated Bitstrips Bitmoji. In reference books about animaze and Mamaji decided to announce that they are “similar of Bitmoji Emoji Snapchat or AR from Samsung”. If about the second analogy we all understand (about it told in the previous section), the first of them is nonsense. What have some Snapchat? By the way, between Bitmoji and “Apple” the epitome of the difference is the same as between the image of the figures of men and animals carved by ancient people on walls of caves and paintings of famous artists (design matters), it’s not really an analogy, but the essence is the same. Apple is just “made beautiful and elegant”. And added to this augmented reality, artificial intelligence and other achievements of civilization. Stalled in the development of civilization, surprisingly, very good progress over the last decade.

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In 2014, Bitstrips has established a subsidiary company Bitmoji, for the development of editable stickers, sets of which were readily purchased by the owners of the various messengers. This time, it was, as it turned out, the Golden age of technology. Among the clients of Bitmoji was and messenger Snapchat owned by the same company. In 2015 from a Bitmoji the trouble started (and not just her), and in 2016 the company Snapchat was saved from death, by absorption. Chat and messenger with this name still exist, and they Bitmoji one of the important competitive advantages, but the company soon changed its name to Snap, Inc. The messenger not only what she does. She creates and produces video cameras, smart glasses and something else, at the beginning of 2018, there were 2 734 employee. As now – no information. Almost certainly much less in the same 2018 the company suffered terrible losses, losing almost half of its funds, and currently, proudly and confidently going down.


I almost forgot: Apple has issued a real press release announcing Clips 2.1, is a free video editor for iOS. The main highlight of the new version, it “allows users to have fun creative characters animaze and Mamaji”.

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