Anker offer many devices in the #CES2018

This topic Anker offers many devices in the #CES2018 appeared on Engadget.

The company Anker detects a number of new accessories at the rate of CES 2018 for a wide range of uses, which include headphones wireless several policies to improve control of intelligent vehicle assistant Amazon voice, which all come with Anker company. In September last began to Anker in the ask campaign on the website Indiegogo to finance one of the strangest of its products under the sign of the Nebula business, the campaign succeeded in funding the making of the speaker like a package of soft drinks by Overhead Projector smart; it is capable of charging fast and deliver 4 hours of your time to show the films. Speaker and projector of the optical Nebula Android 7.1 is now available at a price of $ 349 on Amazon.


Also has the company succeeded in financing a device ZOLO Liberty+ on the site of crowdfunding Kickstarter, and wireless headphones, full 3 and a half hours of audio playback continuous, 48-hour extra thanks to a portfolio of shipping. Heaven will be available later this month priced at $ 149.99.


Also the company has provided several cars Roav VIVA, which is connected to the car through Bluetooth adds features IQ of any modern car, thanks to the Amazon’s voice, “Alexa”, allowing the user to access information, play music and even read the messages, all Using voice control; and so he says to charge other devices through USB. A Roav VIVA available for sale at the beginning of the year 2018 for $ 49.99; but you can submit a request for purchase of the building from now.


Submitted Anker also the latest sign of its business SOUNDCORE, which will be the brand’s basic headphones and speakers; however, products under this brand will not be available before the summer.

In addition, the company has to offer some of its products of traditional knowledge which include the charger PowerHouse 200 at the price of 299.99 dollars, which comes to the dangers of AC card 100 watt, charge laptops, or any devices when you need.


This topic Anker offers many devices in the #CES2018 appeared on Engadget.

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