Announced launch date of “hunter of exoplanets” Cheops

In recent times mankind is searching for exoplanets, and for several years the European Space Agency (ESA) led the development of the Cheops space telescope designed to find planets similar to ours. Cheops also called the “hunter of exoplanets” and lay great hopes on him. And recently it became known date of launch space telescope, as well as some other details.

Cheops (Characterising Exoplanet Satellite) will replace the telescope “Keppler”. Assembly and the first tests of the spacecraft was completed in April 2018 on the basis of the research centre of Airbus Defence and Space. Cheops will work on the technology of tracking fluctuations in the brightness of stars or the so-called transit method. The telescope will have to look for exoplanets, the masses which are between the masses of Earth and Neptune. While Cheops is aimed not only at finding new celestial bodies, but also on a more detailed study of already discovered planets, and in particular the chemical composition of their atmospheres. The telescope has the capability of simultaneous monitoring for multiple transits of each planet, which is necessary for more accurate determination of the properties of the planets small size.

Cheops is designed to operate in low earth orbit at an altitude of 700 kilometers. The last test of the telescope should be completed early next year. The launch is scheduled for the period from October 15 to November 14, 2019 from Kourou in French Guiana. The delivery of the Cheops telescope will make the rocket “Soyuz”.

Plate with drawings are located onboard the telescope

Also interesting is the fact that in addition to the various equipment the telescope will carry on Board a special plate to put on their children’s drawings on the theme of space, which was selected under the recent competition organized by the European Space Agency.

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