Announced microSD card Express fast 985 mega bytes per second #MWC2019

Revealed today on the microSD memory card Express during the events of the Barcelona conference, which features fast data transfer of up to 985 MB in the second.

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Arrange a microSD card slot Express new technology PCIe Rapid, which supports the NVMe v1.3, as up to the speed of 985 MB per second in data transfer, a speed greater than card UHS-I which offers speed up to 100 MB per second only.

Also scheduled to come card card microSD Express the advantage of consuming less energy, supporting the capacity of the low energy of L1.1 and L1.2 in PCIe v3.1, i.e., they consume less power than microSD cards of the traditional, also come new card with support multi-tasking.

Recall that the criteria for microSD Express need to the criteria of the pins UHS-II additional smartphones, which are specifications that have not submitted till now in smart phones, so we have to expect a new version of the smartphone supports standards UHS-II during the coming period.


I know of

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