Announced the release of NEO 3.0. What will be the new blockchain project?

In the third stage in the development of the NEO project will transfer to the new blockchain and cryptocurrency holders will have to go through the swap token. This is stated in the official announcement of the developers of the project from April 29.

Co-founder and main developer of the Chinese platform Eric Zhang insists that the upcoming update is incompatible with an existing bloccano NEO. To support the new infrastructure will have to generate a new genesis block and go to the new block chain. The programmers promise that before you start maneta will all the necessary preparations.

When’s the deadline?

All data from this blockchain will be migrated to NEO 3.0 to run mainnet. Decentralized applications will also transfer to the new block chain. However, the creators of the project have not yet disclosed any details concerning the migration dApps.

According to Janga, the upgrade will significantly increase the speed and stability of NEO. Some time later, the project is suitable for full commercial use. Work on the new bloccano should be completed before the second quarter of 2020. Testnet NEO 3.0 will start by June this year.

When we talk about the availability of NEO 3.0 to widespread commercial use, we mean the ability to run large applications using the blockchain. In the future we would like to see how the giants like YouTube, AliPay, Tencent and Blizzard go to the blockchain. Neo 3.0 will finally allow these organizations to join the industry.

Source: Neo

We will remind, on April 18 the launch of the Binance Chain. Project find success and led to the rise in native token Binance BNB. Many decentralized protocols have been successfully used bloccano exchange.

This morning, NEO is trading at 9.39 USD. For the past day, the cryptocurrency almost unchanged in price, its market capitalization is 610 million dollars.

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