Announced wireless VR headset with top performance and low price

Despite the fact that the market for VR devices is still quite young, it has managed to divide Oculus VR released the Oculus Rift and HTC and Sony with the helmets of the HTC Vive VR and PS, respectively. Of course, there are many solutions based on mobile phones from Samsung or “cardboard VR” Google Cardboard, but their share is small. However, to press competitors intended Chinese company Shadow Creator, submitting your headset for immersive virtual reality. And wireless headset with open source, the top and iron at a very attractive price.

The new headset has got the name Shadow VR. The “heart” of the device has a Snapdragon processor 835, which is often installed in a variety of smartphones ranging from mid-late last 2017. Is used for power supply built-in battery capacity of 3400 mAh. In this case, the connector for charging is gaining popularity now a USB Type-C, and operate the headset if desired, and with wire, connecting it to an external power source.

As for other characteristics: quality of the optics used Fresnel lens. Their main advantage is that they are, first, much thinner than normal lenses, and secondly, due to their design, provide a wider viewing angle and less distortion. In this model, the angle is 110 degrees, and the display resolution is equal to 2560×1440.

In addition, included with the helmet is supplied with special controllers, providing 6 degrees of freedom. The controller has all the necessary buttons and trekpada to control. By the way, some buttons are placed on the lateral surface controllers like the PlayStation Move. All of the sensors to track the movement in space of the helmet and the controller are located directly in the Shadow of VR, so no additional sensors to place around the room is not necessary.

And finally, the most important thing — the price. With pretty good configuration and performance, the device will cost $ 399 in the USA. And it gives the Shadow Creator is a very good chance to occupy a niche in the market VR devices.

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