Announcement of hearing the Pixel Buds 2 Wireless at the conference Google at a price of $ 179

Google announced now about the new generation of wireless headsets for Pixel Buds 2, which comes with the full support of the Assistant Google Digital Spy in the sky a voice command, with the age of the shipment up to a full day.

Apply headset Google wireless Pixel Buds 2 today with full control with the assistant of Google’s digital music playback, and translation, and other functions, as Google asserts that wireless speaker support call via Bluetooth in the largest scale up to the distance of the football stadium.

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And Google hear their new wireless Pixel Buds 2 design supports a comfortable experience and firm in the ear of the user, and come to heaven with work to adjust the sound according to the acoustics surroundings.

Confirm Google that heaven can use old charging up to 5 full hours of music playback, calls, or 24 hours with the clipboard, that you’d expect to hear Pixel Buds 2 in the spring of 2020 at the price of $ 179 in white and black colors.


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