Anonymous hacker attacked the city has received 75 thousand dollars in the cryptocurrency

On 14 April, the mayor of the canadian city of Stratford was attacked by an unknown hacker. The attacker managed to block the information system companies and demand a ransom from city officials. In the end they still had to pay the hacker 10 bitcoins at the rate of $ 7,500 per coin. This incident became known only today, as initially it was decided to classify.

What really happened in Stratford?

On the official website of the municipality published the answers to the most asked questions about the incident.

Sunday 14 April 2019 information system of the municipality was under attack. It was found that the hacker managed to install malware on the usual six and two virtual servers. Then, the attacker closed the access of computers to the network.

After some time the computers in city hall were disconnected from the Internet to prevent the spread of malware. To eliminate the consequences of the incident attracted experts of the British company Deloitte. Fortunately, the leakage of critical information not held. It has kiwi Fowler, head of incident response at Deloitte.

However, after a few days after the attack, the mayor’s office could not access their own servers. The fact is that access to them was still closed by a hacker who demanded ransom in exchange for the keys to unlock the systems. The mayor of Stratford Dan Matheson stated that the Agency had insurance and in the current situation, the transaction was the only reasonable solution.

We had insurance, so the payment of the redemption were discussed with insurers. This is the only way to safely restore and protect your important data.

It was necessary to act quickly — in just a few days, the hacker has paralyzed the telephone system to city hall and blocked the channels of communication leadership of the city. In the end, law enforcement agencies have been notified about the foreclosure and the hacker got 10 bitcoins. At that time, the attacker was able to sell coins approximately for 75 thousand dollars.

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The police gave information about the incident should be kept secret until the investigators are looking for the hacker. Unfortunately, to date they have not been arrested, anonymous cheater. In the mayoralty have promised that such will never happen again. The mayor Matheson announced the modernization of information security systems of the city.

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