Another company decides to cancel all pre-orders on the Galaxy Fold because of the delay

Galaxy Fold ---

In the month of April last, when there was more optimism about the Galaxy Fold, the company sent AT&T to customers who have asked to phone in advance an email stating that it will charge the phone by June 13. At the end of the month of May, the store Best Buy cancelled all pre-orders received by the phone Galaxy Fold with the emergence of the new reports said that the Samsung phone rollaway will be delayed again. When Samsung promised at the beginning of last month by announcing the launch date of the New, no one expected that there would be a period of long silence to some extent on this issue.

Company AT&T is now sending letters to each of the request phone, the Galaxy Fold in advance of the police, and tell them that he had been to cancel their pre. Will be able to users phone request in advance of the new when Learn Samsung about the launch date of the new.

AT&T, don’t blame it on anyone, just stick to stealing the facts when the reported reason for the cancellation of pre-orders : ” we have postponed the Samsung phone’s launch, which means that we can’t charge your phone “. Because of this chaos, the company will AT&T within 60 days, send a card, a promotional ” Promotional Card ” worth $ 100 for those who have requested phone Galaxy Fold pre.


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