Another “Creator of Bitcoin” was the work of competent marketers

Bitcoin is constantly engulfed in an aura of mystery, because the public still does not know the name of the true Creator of the largest cryptocurrencies. In his role claimed many charlatans and would-be entrepreneurs. One of the most famous Liestos is an Australian mathematician and scientist Craig Wright , an ardent supporter of the project Bitcoin SV. However, none of the impostor still failed to prove his involvement in the creation of Bitcoin.

On Sunday came the news about another “true” Satoshi Nakamoto. He said that he has “confirmation” that ultimately will dispel all doubts. And do it in three stages. In the first part of the proof he has already told, where did such a strange name — Bitcoin. According to the Satoshi, the name came from the “Bank of Credit and Commerce International” — the company, which else in 1991, Time Magazine called the most miserable Bank in the world. Not without “evidence”.

Source: the next Satoshi Nakamoto

He writes that the site was registered on 18 Aug 2008. And on 18 November 2008, he registered the domain designed for Bank, of syllables of names which formed the word Bitcoin. Tricky Nakamoto insists that both domains were registered on the 18th day of August and November of the same year, this means that the owner of them is the same. Convinced? Okay, but go ahead.

The second major part of the proof is devoted to the origin of the name Satoshi Nakamoto. Do not laugh, please.

According to him, the number is “pieces of information that carry within themselves the energy properties”. And if interested in the numerology, we can better understand the deeper meaning and purpose underlying our existence. Sounds pretty convincing. Numerology is usually described as the belief in the divine or mystical relationship between numbers and one or more matching events.

Says the failed Creator of Bitcoin, Nakamoto nickname was the word Shaiko. This is number 24 in Chaldean numerology — that is the system of numbers, which originated in Babylon.

And how do you think what kind of a name under this system, listed at number 24? That’s Right — Satoshi. How proud the author concludes insane theory, “names Shaiko and Satoshi are ideally combined in the Chaldean system”. Well, that explains a lot.

Known cryptosuite lead developer in the project anonymous cryptocurrency Monero Ricardo’s Spanyi already managed to make fun of a grief-the Creator of Bitcoin. He publicly stated that Bilal Khalid, who registered the domain BCCI, has nothing to do with the development of cryptocurrency.

Source: Twitter Of Ricardo Spanyi

Why Satoshi was right now?

Probably because he has that sillite — that is, to promote. In other words, he’s going to throw on the market the next token holder and weld it due to the spurious marketing on behalf of Satoshi Nakamoto.

Initially, reports were published on the website Ivy McLemore and Associates. This is a PR firm running Evie Maklar — specialist in public relations and marketing. Accordingly, as with any marketing campaign, the best was saved for dessert. As it became known, in the third and final part we finally show “a brand new and improved version of Bitcoin” called Tabula Rasa. That’s it.

In the end, marketers are again using the secret of the Creator of the cryptocurrency to promote a new project. Tell you one thing: it’s not exactly a new Bitcoin, which is not the true Satoshi. It is better to bypass such coins side. And the creators of the ad need to get to use this theme.

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