Another Google app got the Material Design 2.0

Google continues to update its services to Material Design 2.0. The last such was the app Play Books. The truth is, for reading books I use third-party apps, but the Play Book and offer their own app store. With the release of Android Q all built-in apps have a dark theme, but that’s another topic for discussion.

While users aren’t getting updated, it propagates waves. Watch for changes in Google Play.

Updated interface have been published by colleagues from androidpolice. Them screenshots shared Sergei Limpan:

As you have noticed, the update is really massive. The interface was completely redrawn. On the home screen, serious changes in the slider: Central book hovering over the plane, casting a shadow.

Play Books can be called an example of a perfect implementation of Material Design 2.0. The interface is clean, has more space, book covers look neater due to the rounded corners.

Under the slider there was a section “Search by category”, which previously was located in the lowest part of the screen.

You will also notice that the words displayed in upper case, thereby creating a sense of purity of the interface.

Any significant changes in the arrangement of the elements I didn’t notice. The main differences lie in their design.

Material Design 2.0 is the best thing that ever happened to Android

I have no doubt that the new design of Android apps is the best thing that happened to the system for all time of its existence in the market. The first Material Design has become a serious leap in the development of the system, but the second version turned out so neat and pleasant to use that you can even talk about the superiority of Apple from this point of view.

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App: Google Play Books
Developer: Google LLC
Category: Books & reference
Version: Depends on device
Price: Free
Download: Google Play

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