Another investigation against Facebook on the extracted contacts to users to their email addresses

Financial Markets Wall Street Facebook, New York, USA - 29 Mar 2018

Another day, means another investigation on the violation of the privacy of users against Facebook. Confirmed the Office of the attorney general in New York that he started an investigation against ” the package is not authorized Facebook includes contact details e-mail belonging to about 1.5 million users “. It has been announced that the investigation after the emergence of recent reports that Facebook has extracted a list of contacts of some users who join the social network after 2016.

The prosecutor said in New York in an official statement that ” Facebook has repeatedly showed disrespect for consumer information while at the same time of the extraction of those data “. He adds that while claiming to Facebook that she had to drag a database of contacts of 1.5 million users by the email verification process, it may be the total number of people who have been getting their information incorrectly hundreds of thousands “.

She said the social network most popular in the world that the process of data collection, this was unintentional and was the result of the mechanism, check the require users to enter a password to their e-mail. I’ve been off mechanism to control this already by Facebook.

Reportedly, it was the use of information extracted by Facebook to improve the system of targeted advertising, but did not disclose to the users that she had also extract lists of contacts to call their own. Facebook has said that it has to end these practices, delete all data that has been collected. According to the report issued from the New York Times, will look to this investigation in a way to collect this data and whether they are likely to have larger effects than say Facebook users.

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