Another report suggests the advent of the phone Galaxy Note 9 in advance from the usual

Galaxy S9+

There was a rumor a few months ago indicated that Samsung may be considering launching the Galaxy Note 9 earlier than usual, and perhaps this may happen in the month of July next. Of course, this is not the month you used to say when Samsung detects Galaxy Note new, but it seems that these rumors won’t die any time soon.

According to a new report released recently from the newspaper The Korea Herald, it also indicates that the phone Galaxy Note 9 will be released earlier than usual. The report says that this will work for the sales low phone Galaxy S9 and +Galaxy S9, which we heard recently that she’s finally broken the barrier of 1 million units in South Korea.

The report goes so far as to say that it will detect phone Galaxy Note 9 in the month of August instead of September, that means before the month of the date on which the announcement about Galaxy Note 8 last year. Although this new report does not mention the July time frame for the announcement of Galaxy Note 9 As noted by the previous report, but it supports the rumors that the phone will be launched Tablet, the upcoming flagship of Samsung earlier than usual.

The newspaper quoted the above from an official at Samsung said that Samsung has refused to comment on the report. ” No different to the general feeling of the interior a lot compared to last year for the first launch. There are a lot of ongoing work with component suppliers of the third party to develop prototypes for multiple. Not gonna happen the timing of supply the schedule of our operations at all new “.


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