Another step forward.. Apple Music Show with Google Home

“A new step towards further expansion”, that hopes the Apple world through the emergence of service Apple Music, Apple Music, across devices Google Home, can check that step was to be hoped for?

The Union of Apple and Google

After about 3 months only, on the advent of the Apple Music service for the first time across devices Echo of the Amazon, after a fierce competition between the entities of the two giants in the tech world, came today to the expansion of a new music service from Apple, with made available to users of devices Google Home around the world.

It requires in order to benefit from the joint cooperation between Apple and Google, update app your Google Home, the pressure on the Account tab, and then Set up or add, then Music and audio, before choosing the Apple Music Of course, with the need to login by الـID your بـApple Music, to be linked later to the special account to Google.

Adhere to those easy steps to achieve a user equipment Google Home, the interest required for the emergence of Music Apple’s cross-platform, which allows steering commands to those devices to play music available بـApple Music, without having to locate the music service Apple.

The history of the development of

That’s not the first time that a seeks through her company, Apple world for joint cooperation with other entities look harmonious with it, in order to increase the proliferation as well as sales, with the emergence of a music service to Apple for the first time in June of 2015 through the operating system IOS, the company moved fast to become available running the Android platform in the same year, and specifically in the month of November of the same year.

Become the Apple Music and as a new part of iTunes, available for Mac users and windows, until I got to Android Auto with the month of September last year, seems that it has increased the enthusiasm of the officials of the company who cooperated after about 3 months just on the backs of their service to music across devices Echo of the Amazon, before to be surprised now by their presence with the Google household.

In the end, is good news, not just for Apple or Google but also to users of devices Google Home, who became able to use the service the music very easily with the proliferation of a larger number of platforms.

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