Another update to the HD Streamz watch channels of the world television in the background of the phone !

A new idea comes out of this new app to the previous, around the axis of channel sharing on smart phones add a new watch on the main interface of the phone, i.e. you will be able to watch any channel in the background of the phone where you can then browse the other applications.

HD Streamz

No need to praise this app it speaks for itself starting from the beautiful things that it offers, which you can access from the download and installation of updated, never cared about the quality of these channels it offers everything without the cut, deliberate the finest quality, superior design channels. Explicitly something professional sense of the word, gives you a TV mounted in the window, you can browse YouTube and you watch countless channels common.

My compliments for this application is considered, the HD Streamz, you can take advantage of the combination of the TV world on your phone screen is small, the link to download it directly below this paragraph, and in a very easy manner.

Download application hdstreamz

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