Anthology world the Best Android apps to 2017 “4”

مختارات عالم التقنية لأفضل تطبيقات أندرويد لعام 2017 “4”
مختارات عالم التقنية لأفضل تطبيقات أندرويد لعام 2017 “4”
The completion of the offer subject Best Android apps for 2017, which we started in their communities the first of the New Year, with us for the day the fourth group, and as usual, this collection includes 10 apps, which came as follows:
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1. Ambience:

Who doesn’t like the sounds of nature and listen to it, the fact is in itself way more than helpful in bringing together your mind, this app gives you this, by providing a large group of various nature sounds, not only this but you can customize the voice over mixed with tracks of music to your taste, there are the sounds of the rain and the sounds of the ocean, rivers, and sounds of the countryside and the sounds of baboons and the tranquil music, music to relax, all this is available to you for free.

2. Weather Wiz:

تطبيق الطقس الجديد Weather Wiz على أندرويد "مميز"

One of the weather apps on the Android operating system and the app name Weather Wiz highlighted its features its elegant design where there are motion pictures and the beautiful colors and the group of themes of the assembly that is approved by the user’s current location, and most importantly the accuracy of the weather forecast provided by both real-time forecast or the forecast for the next days, both for your current location or any location around the world, and with the app you can add the site manually via the choice of the State or automatically by activating the GPS navigation, as the app provides the feature of Widget, both on the lock screen or the Home screen with the possibility to determine the size of the widget, the It can be the most important weather data and air condition in your location, the temperature of the maximum and minimum weather condition for 10 days to come, the wind speed and the direction of the wind, rain, UV index and dew and the moon ,,etc.

3. Canvy:

The first characteristic of his management of the contacts name and color and background and even the size, for the last which is Size reviews to you app contacts that you frequently call her or talk to her or even frequently Messaging text with a big size, and the contacts of the other so the background is small, there is a scrolling feature where when prolonged pressure on the contact person than on the main facade is review of various applications of communication and messaging installed on your phone and here you can choose any application to check with the contact person is intended, and supports the application feature icons floating, not to mention its design is very upscale and entirely on the design of the material design, And forget the App Engine search for contacts with a view to the quick access contact required, and there is even a list of calls favorite.

4. AccuBattery:

تطبيق Accu​Battery لإختبار قدرة البطارية وتقديم تقارير حولها

Which works on the examination of the capacity of the battery and more, where its features provide information you use for the battery on a daily basis and measure their effectiveness using the data from the unit to the shipper, the mark on the display would drain the battery before each application, and is therefore considered a very useful tool to address the application of the most expendable battery, and a charging speed of the phone, and the problem is in USB cable or the charger itself, and most importantly there is the feature of Alarm shipping through which it is prolong the life of the battery.

With providing information about the remaining time of the battery is also the time that will be taken by the shipper in the shipment, all of the above are available free being, and the paid version of the application AccuBattery they are available first without ads, the tool provides a check on the operations of the depletion of the battery and the central processing unit in real time, with access to historical data for most of the day and finally provide detailed statistics about everything related to the battery via notifications.

5. Pickle:

تطبيق Pickle على أندرويد صاحب أسلوب جديد في تدوين الملاحظات

Come in to take notes but this is not important, but the style of the new app to take notes, where depends on the form of the application of text messages the default, i.e. on the form of a conversation, with his support fully customizable both on color of the font, its size and background color and choose a theme from among a range of themes and other customization tools, also supports the application of the Pickle insert a photo on the observations and even the inclusion of the animated gif, with preview links to the web, there is an advantage to put the hash to make it easier for the user and for the observations required faster, Not to mention the properties of editing the note copy, move and delete via the slider.

6. Meitu:

This app works on convert images to Anime gorgeous and extremely beautiful, where you will find the editing tools main filters and correction remove blemishes, remove background, and sophistication to the filters or effects anime must have an Internet connection and the editing and processing takes a short time, and its tools other collage tool through which it is assembling more of the image in the image of the one who is different, there is a tool ready-made frames, and a tool for text input and a lot of wonderful tools, and more.

7. Quickey Multi Calculator:

Quickey Multi Calculator أفضل تطبيق آلة حاسبة على أندرويد

This app comes with several calculators in one application, the most important being a Scientific Calculator to carry all the mathematical functions “square root, cube root, the function factorial, the function is exponential, logarithm, natural logarithm, inverse logarithm natural ,,,etc”, there is a calculator only competent for reductions and discounts, along the calculator to calculate the cumulative GPA.

Most importantly, all of the accounts that the user has previously registered with the possibility to check them at any time, the mechanism of deletion automatically be where the old processes are starting to delete them first so when you access list to a certain number, without mentioning it in the Application page, and finally there are the customization tools via a choice of theta given, so that the application supports coloring the signal arithmetic either in the results or the edit box.

8. Pixabay:

موقع الصور العالمي Pixabay يُوفّر تطبيقه على أندرويد و iOS

The website Pixabay is one of the largest sites browsing photographs on the web, announced this year on the submission of its application on the Play store, so users will be able to mobile phones browse more than a million photos of the impressive and free and full, and highlighted its advantages is that it supports preview the photos and save them on the device with ease, as and overlooked social tools where the support for the option of comment and admiration on the Photo with the possibility of their participation, as well as the lists to make it easier for the user to search for what you wanted not to mention search engine.

There is a list of favorites that the user can put pictures in it without having to save them to the phone memory, with support for the tool to zoom, for lists there is a list of the pictures most viewed pictures list recently added, not to mention the lists by category, and not only that, but there is a special list of videos which usually be impressive, and the participation rate is very high.

9. Trifull:

Game which with the idea of the possibility of use extremely easy, and is hugely entertaining, where crystallized the idea by obtaining the highest score possible by assembling the small triangles of the same color, when the color matching industry Triangle of 4 similar colors are deleted from a place and total points, during your progress in there will be a deficit they would not provide the desired presence or absence of matching colours, and here you can use the tool to blasting through it is discharge place of the triangles that you put her but in colors mg, thus there must be interaction and strategic planning in the process of setting triangles, One of the features of the game Trifull its design is simple and the accompanying sound effects quiet.

10. Gif Recipes:

Gif Recipes تطبيق وصفات الطعام بصور متحركة على أندرويد

This app has more than 1200 recipes, the most coveted of the this provide this access through the image of the animated GIF, thus setting method outlined and more comprehensive and even easier, from his side also these recipes will be in the rankings, where there is a classification of breakfast, lunch and dinner, the classification of appetizers and desserts, the classification of beverages, seafood and plant ,,etc., with supplied for the option to save favorite recipes in list Private to a user or user application is referenced without a search, and weekly be adding more recipes to the new food.


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