Antminer and Antminer S11 S11+ lit in the Unified register of notifications

The company Bitmain has registered in the Unified register of notifications of the characteristics of encryption (cryptographic) means. About models Antminer T9+, V9 Antminer, Antminer A3, AntRouter R1-LTC we have already mentioned, because they are represented on the website

Who is surprised on the resource of its presence, so this Antminer S11, S11 Antminer+ Antminer and F3. Their company has not yet announced and not sold. So, soon we should wait for the new products.

Снимок экрана 2018-04-23 в 13.17.34.png

Previously it was rumored that the algorithm Dagger Hashimoto will work Antminer F3 , but in the end provided us with Bitmain Antminer E3. What algorithm will be designed F3 is unknown.

About algorithms S11 and S11 Antminer+ allows to guess the analogy with Antminer S9. Rather, they should work on SHA256 and be designed for Bitcoin mining and Bitcoin Cash. But this is just a guess. While we are left to wonder about their power, release dates, prices and consumption of electricity.

Registration of new devices in the Unified register of notifications — proof that Bitmain are interested in the market of our country. Can not exclude that the company will again deliver the device directly to Russia. Or she has major wholesale buyers in Russia.

The main question asked by owners of Antminer S9. What fate will befall their device in the trash or back to work?

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