AntMiner F3 light up on the video. What will be for Ethereum ASIC from Bitmain

Earlier in the week, miners learned the exciting news. Bitmain ASIC allegedly created for Ethereum and ready to conquer the network. Information has generated a lot of discussion. Some of them even allude to the death of the device to launch. Now the leak has moved to a more serious stage of the alleged device Bitmain light up on the video.

ASIC Bitmain. Now for Ethereum

Video published Telegram chat 2themoon. A ten-second video shows the device and features. In the background we hear the noise of traditional fans.

To start looking at the numbers. Hasrat, a huge — 1500 Mh/s is approximately 50 rx580 AMD or Nvidia GTX 1070. The question immediately arises about the cost of the device. Today, for the purchase of farms on 1500 Mh/s will have to pay about 1.5 million rubles. If the miner does exist, the price will be obviously higher than the other models from Bitmain.

Panelists questioned the veracity of the video. In the settings you can see that mining is on chips, not RAM. In this case, where is stored the DAG file?

In addition, we see different frequencies of the chips, serial numbers and strange sticker that is slightly different from the usual products Bitmain.

The main question is the existence of the whole device. If you believe the rumors, the staff has only now started to develop a miner. As the video was able to be a working sample is unknown. However, the stories run the Antminer A3 hard something surprising.

In the end, we have several “pros” and least “cons.” The final verdict will announce the time, and yet go on to discuss in our chat.

By the way, the fakes in the online business popular. Here is a photoshop wizard masterfully added to the picture our mining pool.

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