AnTuTu reveal a new application to test the performance of artificial intelligence for smartphones


Is ” artificial intelligence “ are among the words that are being traded a lot lately in the smart phone sector. The availability of more companies of interest include the features of artificial intelligence in smart phones. This is why we are now seeing processors equipped with special intelligence artificial. Measure the performance of the chip and the artificial intelligence of these devices, the AnTuTu to launch new test.

Buy the AnTuTu application which allows users to test the performance of their devices and compare it with other devices that have been tested on the same platform. Now, the AnTuTu the same thing with artificial intelligence. Looking forward AnTuTu now to provide the possibility of test chips, artificial intelligence in smart phones and compare it with chips, artificial intelligence in other phones. Has worked AnTuTu with companies specialized in the manufacture of processors on the application named ” AI Review “.

Divided this application into two categories, one is called Image Classification, while the other category Object Recognition. And the first category on the neural network Inception v3-dip data Test 200 image, while the second category on the neural network MobileNet SSD and review video of the author of the 600 frame.

The app then translate the neural network the original neural network supported by the manufacturer of products such as HiSilicon or Qualcomm through the SDK provided. If the processor complex does not support the algorithms of artificial intelligence, will use the users of the AI Review with TFLite for the test, but the results are termed as non-reliable as a result.

The classification criteria is simple. The result depends on speed and accuracy. The greater the speed and increased precision, the highest final score.


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