Any phones is best suited for you?

Real trade process and lessons learned from real-life, it could be argued that buying a phone high specifications and higher category is the trail of the paths of tolerance and non-appreciation for the cooperation and the work that came out of this past without a vision of what would come phone industry accelerated to become with this new phone .. Old .. after a few months and get rid of them for the purpose of keep up with these new technologies, it becomes a burden and her loss of the Miss and 70% of the value of the real device .

Here we don’t talk about the devices Evo that work on the industry rationally unlike Samsung and Huawei that check every week a new phone !! We don’t talk about the middle class of phones these companies, but more still in this theme is phones the top category, that soon it burn new phones phone new one within very frequent intervals in with the user with his phone, which he thinks is one of the phones selected.

It is purchased phone Galaxy a year ago at a price of $ 900 realize now that had become obsolete and its design is no longer the intelligently modern design in the absence of notes and I’m willing to sell it won’t get this $ 900 only 250 at most. There are A and is. His phone, which had been a year and a half almost become obsolete specification brought by the Pat protects her phone from the middle class !

Or who owns the phone Evo X. Despite its high price , he feels that he has the Masterpiece would go to at least 5 years won’t rivaled the one, where you don’t know the Evo on the burning of their products every month !

Do you believe it when the display device is for sale I have a mobile and did not find a joint under the pretext of “spam” !!

Certainly the phone best suited to you is a phone which works with the specifications of the balance of the stick in terms of the quality of the photography and storage capacity, acceptable price low, so you can sell it at any time later without remorse on the size of the loss is large compared to the cell phones of the senior category which is losing more than 70% of their value.

Category average by no more than the price of the phone for $ 300

With phones category is expected you will be able to trade at any time unlike phones associated with which has long been the subject of a review and evaluation of alter focus to promote it.

We recall that Acer calls usually work out with positive results and that there was support from the phone manufacturer, shop ratings, but in the absence of this support to find their shoot on the phone to tell you it’s crisp and solid and the crossings !

Everyone is trying to get into your pocket in any way.

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