[APK file]: browser Samsung Internet brings conversion options and features local

Trying Samsung make your browser A Samsung Internet the first destination for users, at least in its smart phones, computers, tablets.

May not be Internet browser of Samsung Internet browser of choice for many of people, however, the South Korean company did not stop trying to convince people otherwise through the launch for the updates slipstreamed and add new features to your browser in order to try to appropriate the Chrome browser from Google.

Now, the company exports the official version 6.4 of the browser, which brings with it some changes including activation feature that allows web applications to interact with Bluetooth low energy devices, along with provided options to download additional customizable, and some of the exclusive features with the users browser in China and India.

With regard to water, the possibility of the interaction of web applications with Bluetooth devices is an important feature, as it works to provide APIs for web developers to create applications for users, they need permission from the user to activate it, besides that the new version of the browser facilitates the process of monitoring downloads by allowing you to stop it and resume it and cancellation of the Notifications panel, with the possibility to rename files before you start downloading them.

As Samsung has also redesigned the page “download history” and Download History, so that you can access that page by clicking on the notification the download, which works to show the last file you downloaded in addition to other weekly ranked by date, with the possibility to delete what you want from the downloads of the screen of the register.

In addition, it has introduced the Samsung new features to the user interface to meet the needs of specific users in China and India, such as the user interface provider data for devices that use the data saving feature hi-tech, besides providing support for one of the payments consolidated in order to facilitate the transfer of funds between the parties.

As for China, I got the browser on the starting page of the virtual contain local news from the partners such as web and Baidu and tencent, so that custom content depends on how the user interacts with the section of news feed.

You can experience the new version of the Samsung Internet 6.4 via downloading it from the link on Play Store: Click here, or download apk file from website APK Mirror: Click here.


Source: [APK file]: browser Samsung Internet brings conversion options and features local

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