[APK file]: browser Samsung Internet Manager provides a new for downloads with trial version new

Samsung launched the new test version of the Samsung Internet with a number of new features.

With that most of the technology companies are always trying to provide its own apps, such as browsers, messaging applications, but they mostly fail, due to the structure of well-known apps, especially those from Google.

Despite the superiority of the Chrome browser on Android devices, but Samsung is keen to make the application to the web browser of Samsung Internet the first destination for users, at least on the smartphones and their tablets, especially that it is the default browser on those devices.

In the framework of the war to attract users to the Samsung Internet, Samsung has launched the end of October, the last update brought with it a number of advantages, including support for night mode features to prevent tracking.

Now, the company launched a new test version of the app download figure 6.4 with the new manager for downloads, as well as enhancements and fixes defects of the usual.


And for those who often pull the files from the internet on their phones, it seems that the new changes will be beneficial to them. As the Director of the downloads New will allow you to rename each file you download. Then the browser will notify you at the bottom of the screen when ready to open. While you are waiting to download files of larger size, a notice will appear showing its progress, where you can also choose to stop the download temporarily if you need to.

Samsung also said the re-design of the page “download history” and Download History, and can access that page by clicking on the notification the download, where it shows the last file you downloaded to add to the other downloads sorted by date, with the possibility to delete what you want from the downloads of the screen of the register.

Finally, you can download a demo version 6.4 of browser Samsung Internet from the store Google Play or install it manually via this link.

Whichever is used the most: Google Chrome or Samsung Internet, or is there another application? We shared your experience in the comments.


Source: [APK file]: browser Samsung Internet Manager provides a new for the downloads with the new test version

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