[Apk file]: Cortana is able to make calls via voice commands

Applied digital assistant voice cortana in the Cortana of Microsoft gets the possibility to make calls and send text messages via voice commands.

Still the presence of a digital assistant smartphone cortana Cortana is Microsoft’s shy on smartphones compared to digital assistants like assistant Google Google Assistant or Siri or even assistant Samsung bixby Bixby, even though the plugin offers users the choice of excellent synchronization between your phone and PC working on Windows 10, and accordingly, Microsoft is working on updates that will attract more users and convince them to more effective use of the digital assistant.

Now, believe giant software new update Flash version, which brings with it the possibility of Make calls and send text messages via voice commands, although most of the aid the digital audio able to implement such things without the user having to touch the screen of the device, but that was not true for the course on Android, but with the current update can now plugin to do this, which makes your life more comfortable in case you use cortana regularly.

In case you want to experience the water, you can do so via one step is to issue a voice command like “call Ahmed,” or by two steps so that you initially “contact” and cortana asks you the name of the person you want to call it, also apply the same steps for sending SMS with the appearance of the confirmation screen of the options message is sent or canceled.

Although the application cortana on Android still owns less than 5 million users, but that Microsoft is working on adding and integrating the functions of cortana for more of its own apps with android the most common such as Microsoft Launcher and Outlook.

You can experience the women new app via downloading it from the link on Play Store: Click here, or download apk file from website APK Mirror: Click here.


Source: [apk file]: Cortana is able to make calls via voice commands

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