[APK file]: Google Trips adds video clips and blog posts

Describing Google its application as a tourist guide, where it begins to automatically build a travel plan of the user through the confirmation letters for the reservations existing in the e-mail.

In the month of September 2016, Google announced for the first time on the application of the TRIPS my Google Trips, so after I played through the last few years to provide significant improvements related to search results for travel planning for flights through the search engine.

During the financial period got Google Trips the update brings with it the Department of special discounts, so that you can browse through all discounts that the user can get, along with access to recommendations for the trip.

Now, the application gets dedicated to help you in planning well for your trip on the new update aims to provide you with more information about your next destination, and through the supplied clips video YouTube related to the Office of your travel, along with supplied for blogs relating to where you’re going.

Although the blog posts are limited to those existing within the blogging platform of the company’s Blogger only, but that may change in the future, besides, the update also brings improvements in performance while reducing the time needed to run the application.

You can experience the application via downloading it from the link on Play Store: Click here, or download apk file from website APK Mirror: Click here.


Source: [APK file]: Google Trips adds video clips and blog posts

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