[Apk file]: telegram offers the possibility to search for stickers send multiple photos

Seeking updates for the successive development of instant messaging term to make it one of the Messaging apps favorite users.

Regardless of SMS text messages and email, there are dozens of applications and the different options available to you to send messages through your phone, and the company has developed for applications such as telegram note that you may choose the option or options to use repeated daily, so you are doing what they can to add new features to develop with the Interfaces the use of smooth and streamlined tools for safe and effective protection.

This fierce competition continued between the application of the pay term to continuously work to improve existing features within the application and add new features that benefit users and enhance its position compared to Messaging apps and other popular like WhatsApp, owned by Facebook.

Now, the company launches version 4.8.5 of their application for instant messaging safe, which focus mainly on posters and photos, so that the centering of the updates relating to the plastered on the possibility of discovering new stickers, whether through the recommendation system automatic or by manual search, as when you type an emoji one you’ll see suggestions not only from the collections of posters, host of the kiss but also from groups other common.

While modification of the other with respect to sending photos or videos with your messages, where you can now easily send a series of stills multiple, just by clicking on the “+” icon on the screen, it can use the + button when the new capture image to capture and send multiple images one after the other.

On a related note, the company announced the arrival of its number of users to 200 million users, an impressive number knowing that this figure shows the number of users who have interacted with the app over the last month, although the number few compared with the number of users of WhatsApp and $ 1.5 million, but it is still a remarkable achievement against a backdrop of fierce competition.

The telegram of their success not only to the merits of the application itself, but to the philosophy that the company operates, and the commitment to the fate of the key Duties and key programming, and an emphasis on user privacy, as we saw several days ago with the refusal of the company CEO Pavel Durov. Undo and share the encryption keys in face of the demands of the Russian government.

You can experience the version 4.8.5 of telegram on Android via downloading it from the link on Play Store: Click here, or download apk file from website APK Mirror: Click here.


Source: [apk file]: telegram offers the possibility to search for stickers send multiple photos

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