[APK file]: the application of Bing gets a property synced search history across devices

The new update to apply the Bing on Android brings a number of changes most notably the possibility sync your search history across multiple devices.

From time to time Microsoft is working on re-designing or adding new features or making various improvements on the application engine by search Bing The for Android phones, where I got the app previously on the redesign of the home page provides easy access to picture camera and the summary of user feed, in addition to the Update for Voice Search to make it more easy and fun to use.

Now the police issue a new update for the brings with it some various improvements along with some new features, although some features may not be available in all countries.

And speaking of new features it has got app on the capacity of the Department of records your download and you can access this feature by clicking on the profile icon on the home page to apply Bing and clicking on the Downloads section.

The update also adds also the option to synchronise your search history across multiple devices, for example, if you are looking for a laptop certain through your mobile device, then later expansion to Bing.com from the computer desktop, you can easily access the model number laptop via a search record that has been synced.

In case you want to turn off the Sync feature record search it is possible, moreover, it has the Microsoft Corporation to amend the application in order to provide signals to the optimizer about what if you are not connected to the internet, as the app works offline to provide easy access to rewards points Microsoft Rewards.

As is the case with most of the updates the Microsoft has fixes a set of errors and to provide improvements in terms of speed and performance, so you can expect that the app works better in all aspects compared with the previous version.

You can experience the application via downloading it from the link on Play Store: Click here, or download apk file from website APK Mirror: Click here.


Source: [APK file]: the application of Bing gets a property synced search history across devices

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