[APK file]: the application of Gboard Go up to Android devices oreo 8.1

Apps Android version Joe Android Go like Google Maps Go and YouTube Go targeting low hardware specifications.

Google continues its mission to improve the performance of devices which have random access memory is low, as in the beginning of December 2017 has officially unveiled the Android version Joe Android Go, a thumbnail version of the Android system custom hardware cheap and low specifications.

This was followed by the provision of Google for a number of its applications compatible with Android version atmosphere such as Google Maps Go and YouTube Go, so that the features of these applications that use random access memory and data laptop less compared to the basic version of the app.

Now, put a giant search light version of my keyboard. Gboard Go for all compatible devices, which look quite similar to the keyboard’s basic, but it lacks some of the features such as the ability to search for GIF animations posters and put to use with one hand.

While possessing the basic version of the keyboard has a number of features, including emoji and suggestions of the Moving Image, improved voice typing, Google Translate, and data in relation to view from right to left, and indicator write, and buttons for copying and pasting.

Apart from that, the keyboard Gboard Go consume nearly half the amount of RAM used by the keyboard Gboard core, as it consumes Gboard Go less than 40 MB of memory, while the application consumes the core is about 70 MB.

It should be noted that this version of the app will appear within the Google Play Store for Android devices oreo 8.1 low specifications only, and you can try it by downloading the apk file from website APK Mirror: Click here.


Source: [APK file]: the application of Gboard Go up to Android devices oreo 8.1

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