[Apk file]: the Google Phone gets a new update

Google is working continuously to add new features to the application to dial my Google Phone.

Throughout the updates of last several years, Google added many new features to the application to dial your own Google Phone, but mostly it was the features of high such as the activation of the feature “contact with the help of” useful for international travelers and the terms of development white Women 15.

In addition to solving the problem which was shown to users and non-waking monitors Pixel when receiving an incoming call in conjunction with a connected Bluetooth device in version 16, icons floating similar for the icons to chat in Facebook Messenger in version 17.

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Now, believe Google new update for the flash version 18, which allows for the transition to the system settings controls in the sound and vibration, similar to what happened with the SMS application from the Google Android Messages in the past year, the Create the application of alarm settings included.

Instead users were redirected to the feature channels of notifications Notification Channels new Android version oreo 8.0, so that this gave the change to the users more options to adjust the notifications compared to the notifications previously submitted by the application, with system interface standard to some extent.

It seems that Google is moving to perform an action similar to that in the Google Phone, but this time this application from the Settings screen of the old health and vibrations and replaces it with the settings that the images provided by the system, so that the sound settings provided by the system wide to a large extent, there are a lot of things and configurations.

As this update focuses on correcting mistakes and improving the work of the code, along with some things such as protocol support RTT – Real-Time Text – and data phones, multiple calling cards.

In the event you own one of the devices Pixel or Nexus or Android One you can try out the new version of the app via downloading it from the link on Play Store: Click here, or download apk file from website APK Mirror: Click here.


Source: [apk file]: the Google Phone gets a new update

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