[Apk file]: the trial version 66 from Chrome to restrict AutoPlay

The next version of the Chrome browser on Android is prohibited to play video clips automatically, and you must meet certain conditions to let it work automatically.

In January, Google launched a version 64 of browser by for web Chrome, as this allowed the women users to turn off the video clips that operate automatically within certain web sites with the ability to mute the sound through the sites, it seems that the company is working to add new standards in the next version of the challenge through her when you can play the video clip automatically.

According to Google the beta version number 66 of the Chrome browser now available in beta channel, which brings with it a number of features of the user and the new changes, as the company is working on activating the so-called Circus new automatic with warnings about crashes Chrome related programs third-party on Windows, while using the Android version of the Chrome Home terms tools with modern design.

For clarity, it is possible for video clips that operate automatically within the fabric 66 of the Chrome browser in case it meets a number of conditions and criteria imposed by Google, like that you should mute the video clip or not to play sound automatically, which means the possibility of video playback automatically in the background as long as there is no sound.

While include other criteria on the fact that the user has previously clicked on the site during a browsing session or add the website to the Home screen of the mobile device or if he had repeatedly run video clips on the site such as browse youtube frequently, based on the index of Media Engagement.

As was the replacement of the bottom bar of the redesigned Chrome Home to become Chrome Home is a Duplex, so that is the change phenomenon within the current form of the Chrome browser in the toolbar at the bottom of the new works on open page new tab, it is supposed to be up in the next few weeks.

You can try the trial version 66 from Chrome on Android via downloading it from the link on Play Store: Click here, or download apk file from website APK Mirror: Click here.


Source: [apk file]: the trial version 66 from Chrome to restrict AutoPlay

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